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The light within you is RADIANT. 

Let’s IGNITE it to a whole new level of radiance by connecting

with the Divine to heal and grow spiritually.


You are aware that you are a dynamic, light-filled soul, coming directly from the Divine and hence, from pure love.  You are also aware that as this soul, within this body and this lifetime, you have many experiences and lessons to learn.  You have had and will continue to have incredible moments of joy and wonderful fulfillment.  You have also had and will continue to have moments of emotional pain, despair and feeling very alone.  This is what makes you, YOU!  This is why you have come here; so your soul can grow and learn from all of these experiences.


And just because you are aware of all of this, doesn’t necessarily always make it easier to deal with life’s difficulties.  So, you search …


Here are a few things I imagine we have in common:


You are wise.  You know there is a Divine Healing Source waiting for you to invite it to perform its healing magic on you.  Will you surrender to this ecstasy, fully aware of the enormous impact it will make to your truth, to your happiness?


You are spiritual.  You believe in the Divine and in the many magnificent Spirit Beings available to help you throughout your life.  Will you ask them to?


You believe.  You believe that people such as myself are able to communicate with these beings and receive valuable information and suggestions for how to proceed with what you are having difficulty with.  Deep down inside you know that you too are able to communicate with these beings.  Is it time to develop this?


You yearn for self-improvement and spiritual growth.  You are always on the lookout for that book, program, healer, etc. that is going to make you better.  You have a deep desire to fully connect with the Divine and you excitedly look for ways to do that.


You want to fulfill your life’s purpose, even if you don’t yet know what it is.  You came here with something specific to accomplish. You may already be doing it and want to expand.  Or you may need some help in deciphering what feels like a big mystery.


My name is Sonia Tavares and I wholeheartedly welcome you here.  I would like to share with you my life purpose.


I am a Divine Connector:  I help people develop their spirituality, connect to the Divine and feel the divineness within themselves.


I am a Healer:  I channel a brilliant Healing Light Energy that clears away that which is not needed, helps you heal your emotional pain and opens your heart to receive immense love.


I am an Intuitive:  I communicate with and receive guiding messages from the Spirt world.  This includes, angels, archangels, spirit guides, those who have crossed over and other loving Spirit Beings.


I am a Goddess Advocate:  I work to re-awaken Goddess, the Divine Feminine, within hearts waiting to remember Her.  She is extraordinary!


Do you feel called to make changes in your life?  Are you interested in doing this by connecting to Spirit and receiving tremendous support and guidance from the spiritual realms?


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